Monday, February 4, 2013

Thought Dump

Frequently I find myself reading other peoples blogs, and wishing that my life were so interesting that I could blog multiple times a week, making cute quips while posting lovely photos of my amazingly adorable family and life... But let's be honest, that's just not me, or surgery residency.

Don't get me wrong, my life is pretty interesting... mostly because I get to interact with all sorts of different people at work, both the staff and the patients. And there are tons of funny and unbelievable ( amazing, and sad) situations that I experience every time I'm on call... but there's this thing called HIPAA and personal privacy of those I get to serve which does a great job of protecting them from me blabbing their stories all over the internet. And then there's the situations that just make me boil, which I could easily just spew into the interwebs, but that would make me look like a horrible person (and potentially get me in trouble)... so I keep those to myself too, until girls night with my lovel residency friends, where we sit and vent out our frustrations.

Seeing as most of my life is spent at the hospital, the few minutes I'm not there are spent either studying, watching TV to relax, or cuddling with my lovely puppy (who is currently giving me sad puppy eyes and repositioning herself to be as close as possible.... she's basically a cat).

Needless to say, I'm always left wondering what to share with you all... and I feel like a horribly boring person because of it. I honestly wish I could be more interesting for you all.

That leaves me leaving you with my train of thought random thoughts on this past week.

  • Only 7 more trauma calls until the end of the rotation (at least until I come back to the trauma center for one last 7 week rotation this year)
  • A patient broke my heart when she told us she wasn't eating well at home... Thinking it was because she didn't have an appetite or was sick, we asked further and found out it was because she didn't have money to buy food. She'd been eating ice for meals.
  • My heart is breaking for one of my close friends... she has a really hard decision to make, and is in a crappier situation in which to make it in. 
  • My dog makes me so happy... with her puppy-like playing with toys, to refusing to realize she can't go under the bed because she keeps getting stuck
  • I really need to work on my patience and easily frustratable personality -- it kills me when people are rude and self-entitled, especially when it's used as a front for their laziness; or when someone "corrects" me when I was right and they were wrong... it takes a lot in me not to show them how wrong they were... and it's even more annoying when it's from someone I really dislike (long story)
  • I wish I could change some of my personality traits, but it's so hard... I just wish I was a better person
  • ABSITE is over, and although I need to study, I can't bring myself to do it.
  • Mindy Kaling's book is funny and I wish I could just sit down and read it... but studying and or falling asleep is not helping
  • I wish that I could make my medical students better, but trying to teach and show them how to do well with a new batch every two weeks is really draining, especially when I'm also trying to take care of patients... I just don't know why there's so much disconnect and disengagement from them
Anyways, lots of random thoughts... but all that have been driving me crazy and/or consuming me over the past few days and weeks.

What's keep you all lit up or up at night?

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