Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to the new blog!

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I have officially graduated from medical school and moved to a new state, which means it's time for a new blog!

If you're interested in a little more information about me and what I'm doing, check it out below the jump.

Residency is going to be crazy but I'll do my best to share what I can along the way. Please bear with me if there's huge lapses in posting... they'll be coming (probably at the prodding of my mother).

So, WELCOME to the new blog.

I hope that everyone can find the humor and plethora of emotions that residency is sure to bring out.

Thanks again for those who have followed me through the past few years and for making the move over here.
Who is DrKt?

I am a newly minted M.D. from the midwest embarking on a general surgery residency at a large academic institution in the south.

I grew up in the wonderful state of Michigan, went to undergraduate university amongst the cornfields of Indiana, taught for a year in gorgeous northern Thailand, and then headed back to Michigan for medical school. It was during my time in Indiana that my friends started calling me Dr. Katie, since I was at that time a pre-medical student... the nickname stuck. And as of a month ago, I officially because Dr. Kate.

If you're interested in the twittosphere, you can find me at

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me at


  1. Woot woot! Congrats on starting your residency! Looking forward to posts :)

  2. Yay! Have missed your "...goes to med school" posts and look forward to residency posts!