Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moved and Scheduled!

I've now been here for a week, and time has flown. Let's just say I'm glad I got here when I did; I have been so busy running around trying to accomplish things:

  • Unpacking all my stuff - all done!
  • Buying things I didn't have - furniture, toaster oven, knives, etc.
  • Filling out and turning in hospital forms - done, with the exception of one place losing my stuff
  • Doing online training modules for multiple hospitals - there went 10 hours
  • Setting up interwebs - won't really have it for another week, but I managed to avoid Comcast, so I consider this a win
  • Fundamentals of Surgery modules - through the American College of Surgeons, part of the academic side of my training is online modules with patient simulation
  • Tried changing my residence... but apparently a signed lease isn't enough to prove residence here (more than slightly annoyed)
Still left to do in the next couple weeks (more full weeks ahead):
  • Furniture is getting delivered today - hallelujah, no more sleeping on an air mattress
  • BLS recertification - mostly done online already, but I have to go in and prove to a real person I know what I'm doing
  • Appointment at one of the hospitals on Tuesday to finish the stuff I was supposed to do yesterday (but couldn't cause they lost my paperwork)
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Internet set up - a week from Monday
  • Orientation - a week from Monday and Tuesday
  • Parties - yes, that's right, lots of parties. A few of us interns got together at my place on Thursday (it was supposed to be a BBQ, but a torrential downpour precluding that actually happening). Next Friday there's a party at the Chairman's place and a week from Sunday, on of the second years is throwing a party for the incoming interns.... Oh and I already missed 1 party, cause I was moving in.
Needless to say, moving is no joke and super exhausting. I feel like I've been moving non-stop for the last week... but I've enjoyed it (except for yesterday, which was beyond frustrating).

Oh, and I finally got my schedule for the year and I'm excited:
  • July - Plastics/ Burns (intern only rotation, luckily there's two of us)
  • August - Pediatric Surgery (yay! so excited!)
  • September - Endoscopy (intern only rotation)
  • October - General Surgery (private hospital)
  • November - B Team ICU (only person in the ICU the whole time, I think)
  • December - Vascular Surgery
  • January - Transplant Surgery
  • February - Cardiovascular Surgery
  • March - B Team ICU (again, only person in the ICU the whole time)
  • April - A Team floor (so, general surgery)
  • May - VA ICU
  • June - VA floor
It's ICU heavy; apparently that's what they do for the residents coming from outside programs. But I'm happy with it. I like ICU and it will really help me get ready for the coming years.

Well, I think that's about it for now.

Hope the weekend is treating you all well, I'm about to go enjoy the 90 degree weather on my patio.

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